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special features

hose assembly

The NH2500 Series Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit was designed by Coneqtec Corporation specifically for the New Holland E and LB lines of backhoes to operate single-direction flow attachments for equipment such as breakers and compactors. Our standard kit includes steel tubing and hoses mounted on the outside of the boom to look like your preexisting plumbed tractors.

A dash-mounted on/off switch, coupled with a floor foot switch, control power to the attachment. In addition to standard plumbing at the end of the boom, you can have your hoses run over the top to a quick disconnect bracket.

  • Kit specifically designed for single-direction flow operation
  • Large capacity valve with six flow settings: 8, 13, 18, 22, 26, 30
  • Flow adjustment remotely located at left tractor step
  • Pilot relief valve adjustable to match attachment
  • Flow priority given to attachment
  • Boom plumbing externally mounted
  • Two plumbing configuration options: top of boom or to dipper
  • Affordable optional circuit for handheld attachments
  • Cab foot switch control
  • Quick disconnects available

flow valve

Flow Selection
Valve flow selection remote operation from front, left-hand step area. Valve is detented so each position gives you a specific pre-set flow every time you turn it on, without requiring a flow meter.

Flow adjustments can be made simply and easily compared to other competitive kits on the market.

C65 Valve Flow Settings


-8 gpm


-13 gpm


-18 gpm


-22 gpm


-26 gpm


-30 gpm

hose assembly


Hose Routing
The hose kit takes great care to follow existing kit routings that customers expect but also to deliver a long, trouble free working life.

Most hoses have been converted from the hard to find O-ring face type to easily available JIC ends.

Kit available with standard tubes up the boom only or with the flow routed over the top and mounted on the dipper.