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Dealer Features

  • Simple, trouble-free design.
  • No complicated hydraulic or electric controls.
  • Easily changed between units for rental applications.
  • Greasable outside bearing on drum shaft for long life.
  • Tilt-out design simplifies pic inspection and replacement.
  • Simple design = lower list price.

Customer Features

  • Power adjust depth and auxiliary controlled side shift means the operator's hands are always on the skid steer's controls for ease of operation and total control.
  • Simple, trouble-free design means longer life, fewer hoses and moving parts.
  • Tilt-out design simplifies pic inspection, service, and pic replacement.
  • Unique design actually brings more of the skid steer unit's force to bear on the planer at full depth.
  • Tilt-out design allows drum changes in under 20 minutes.


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